Pike's sentence immediately preceding this individual confirms not only that Lucifer is the Light-bearer, but so as to Masons of previous degrees allow been led to believe so as to the opposite was true. Amount 1 of 2 Good Resources on Freemasonry Subtitle: If you would like to become Instinctive Again, turn to our Deliverance Page now. Pike says altogether three of these books -- Apocalypse [Revelation], the Sephar Yezirah, and the Sohar, are altogether identically "inspired". Then, you be able to rest assured that the Empire of Antichrist will not affect you spiritually. Further, all Satanists are assured that, if they will join the coven after that learn the Craft, he bidding control the supernatural power of Satan, just as Manly P. Now, from their own words and symbols, Freemasonry is confirmed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be Satanic en route for the core!

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A long time ago again, we can see the occult, Satanic doctrine that altogether of Nature is composed of good and evil, black after that white, opposites that are alike but opposite. We discovered this symbol at a Wiccan locate for jewelry. This Pentagram is used by the Eastern Best, which is the Freemason allotment for women! Distortion of your age in order to achieve access may be treated at the same time as violation of local, state, before federal laws of your countryside. We let all interested women 18 y. Our portal does NOT provide any other services.

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This question is very important, as Manly P. As you be able to see, the figure on the left is the typical Masonic Ring symbol, with the area, square, and rule. Now so as to you know you have been mislead by your own superiors in The Craft, you be obliged to decide whether to follow Jesus Christ or Freemasonry. If you are under age we prohibit further access to our locate. We shall prove this as a result of quoting their own sources, after that depicting their own symbols. They represent this Force Baphomet -- "The Gnostics held that it [universal agent] composed the igneous [pertaining to fire] body of the Holy Spirit, and it was adored in the secret rites of the Sabbat before the Temple under the cartouche figure of Baphomet or the hermaphroditic goat of Mendes. All the rage one fell swoop, we ascertain that Manly P. The amount on the right depicts the full figure from which the Ring symbol was taken.

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