Regardless of Jupiter's discomfort from Venus's jealousy, she still trusts Venus with secrets such as her feelings for Neptune, because she sees Venus as harmless. Venus thinks that this ability of hers is something that makes her cool, especially since it has resulted in Group South leaving her alone. Venus mentions her mother always told her that people hurt you after they've been hurt themselves, although Venus thinks that's stupid as everyone has been hurt. Venus finds it impossible to chaos up on purpose and can't tell when people are lying to her.

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She is described as awkward after that acquiescent, which may be why Group South and the Beacon Captain find her an at ease target of ridicule. She's actual good at radios and cheat things but refuses to be what people expect her en route for be. Regardless of Jupiter's ache from Venus's jealousy, she allay trusts Venus with secrets such as her feelings for Neptune, because she sees Venus at the same time as harmless. Venus mentions her care for always told her that ancestor hurt you when they've been hurt themselves, but Venus thinks that's stupid because everyone has been hurt. This perceived harmlessness, however, is due to Venus's tendency to play dumb accordingly things go easier in the group's dynamic. Neptune constantly tries to push Venus outside of her comfort zone, but it never works out to Neptunes intentions. Venus is timid after that shy, masking a deep annoy at the world and by Summer Scouts in particular. Venus is one of the three main characters in We Appreciate the Devil.

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